Contractors can come to our training facility where they will be trained up on Daikin’s advanced courses. They will learn how the system operates, how to install and how to fault find the system. Once completed, they will have access to our technical department for any future support. (click read more button) follows onto a new page – I want this info to start the next page

UKHeatPumps offer a unique opportunity to get hands on and develop skills and knowledge of the Daikin Altherma range. The contractor will go through vast training courses over a period of time and become experts in their field. Our goal is to train engineers to become highly skilled renewable installers. We have achieved this by partnering up with Daikin and offering their in-depth training courses. With expert training and competitive prices you will not be left alone when it comes to specification and competitive pricing.

UKHeatPumps will advise on the RHI schemes and advise you on how to share this information with your customer. You can also visit the Ofgem website and see what systems qualify for the government schemes. If you require any help regarding this just ask. We will be using the Daikin ‘Software stand by me’ which allows you to design the project from start to finish, workout running costs for heat pump and how these costs compare you’re your more conventional gas boiler systems.

Choose UkHeatPumps for any Daikin renewable solutions, we offer a wide range from Low Temperature, High Temperature, Hybrid and Monobloc systems. We also have a range of solar and underfloor heating solutions. If you can any questions or would like to book in just click on the request a call back button.


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Phil Hurley, Managing Director of @NIBEEnergy, says the infrastructure required for ground source heat pumps should be considered a long-term priority.

The @theCCCuk says its Sixth Carbon Budget is the first detailed route map for a fully decarbonised nation. It calls for a 78% reduction in emissions between 1990 and 2035, bringing forward the UK’s previous 80% target by nearly 15 years.

With an ever-increasing focus on the future options for low carbon heating, Tim Mitchell of @KlimaTherm_UK looks at what's hot in heat pump technology #renewables #cleanenergy

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