Hybrid heat pump

The perfect combination

Daikin’s Hybrid Altherma heat pump combines renewable heating technology with your more traditional condensing boiler technology to give you one full operational hybrid system. The Hybrid heat pump ensures the highest efficiency through its smart programming by up to 35%. It does this by automatically determining the most economically and energy efficient combination. This is based on the energy prices, current ambient temperatures and indoor heat demand.


Sustained by renewable energy

The Daikin Hybrid heat pump extracts energy from the air and uses this smart renewable combination along with the more traditional to provide your home with heating and hot water. When working in heat pump mode, the system whole system is powered by energy extracted from the air by doing this is can achieve up to A ++ energy efficiency.

Patented technology for heating and hot water

Specifically designed with Daikin’s unique dual heat exchanger, the Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump uses this condensing technology and produces heating and domestic hot water 10 to 15% more efficiently than traditional gas condensing boilers.


Smooth and easy installation

Hybrid heat pumps are the perfect fit for renovations and replacing your old traditional boilers. Its compact design requires a very little space and combines effortlessly with your existing piping and radiators. This way you can renewable efficient energy without having to replace your full system.

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