UKHeatPumps work alongside Daikin UK to provide you with the highest quality of training. Our aim along with Daikin is to train and develop the next generation of highly skilled and technical Engineers. Giving them the

How it works, how to design and how to install. Our goal is to raise the industry standards and help meet the future demand for air source heat pump installations. You will be put through our intensive theory and practical training feeling confident and ready to design and install for your customers.


You will not be left alone during this process. Any questions, help or design works needed you will always have access to our technical team who will be more than willing to guide you through any of the steps taught.

UKHeatPumps are partnered with Daikin UK so support, stock and opportunities are endless.

To expand your knowledge and become part of the Daikin family give us a call or book onto our renewables training by visiting –

Explore Our Range of Daikin Courses

DUK-SE57 Madoka BRC1H519 Remote Controller Installation & Commissioning (Live Streaming)

  • FREE
  • Installation and commissioning engineers
  • 3 Hours

DUK-SE2 Sky Air A-Series systems with R32

  • FREE
  • Installation and commissioning engineers
  • Web-based training
    New “R32 Sky Air” Web-based course.
    Product introduction
    Commissioning requirements

E15 Daikin Altherma product introduction

  • FREE
  • Installation and commissioning engineers
  • Web-based training
    Throughout this online training module, you will obtain introductory information about Daikin and the Daikin Altherma product range. This on-line training module is also required to be successfully completed as a pre-requisite to any further Daikin Altherma product training centre based, or live streaming training course.

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Phil Hurley, Managing Director of @NIBEEnergy, says the infrastructure required for ground source heat pumps should be considered a long-term priority.

The @theCCCuk says its Sixth Carbon Budget is the first detailed route map for a fully decarbonised nation. It calls for a 78% reduction in emissions between 1990 and 2035, bringing forward the UK’s previous 80% target by nearly 15 years.

With an ever-increasing focus on the future options for low carbon heating, Tim Mitchell of @KlimaTherm_UK looks at what's hot in heat pump technology #renewables #cleanenergy

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