Underfloor Heating

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UKHeatPumps work closely with Daikin to ensure all of your design, installation and aftercare services are taken care of. The Rotex – Daikin underfloor system has been specifically designed to fully complement its unique and advanced Altherma heat pump systems.

The great thing about the Altherma heat pump is that you can run your solar, underfloor heating, convector or heat emitters from one system knowing full well you are receiving renewable energy. Everything you need for heating; cooling ad hot water needs can be found in one place.

Why underfloor heating?

  • Instant comfort
  • operates at 5 dT°C
  • easy to control
  • adaptable to different floor coverings
  • its hidden heat
  • seen as a luxury may increase home values
  • compatible with Daikin heat pump system
  • renewable energy
  • distributes heat evenly around the room
  • It can be installed below the stone, tile, wood or carpeted floors (as long as the carpet isn’t too thick – a 1.5 tog is generally considered the maximum suitable thickness)

The underfloor heating doesn’t need to be running at a high temperature. It will feel as if it is emitting the same temperature as that of radiators, but it will be significantly lower. By doing this it keeps a gentle warm well-maintained temperature throughout the room.

ROTEX – is a world leader when it comes to underfloor heating cabling with over 30 years of experience you know you’re in the right hands. All of the design works are completed to high specification and detail. We will do our best to meet the needs of the clients.

If you’re looking for a full renewable heat pump system, then UKHeatPumps have the answers you are looking for.

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